Planning Applications


In the majority of situations, a lot of people encounter challenges in maximizing the use and the potential of their properties because of restrictions in by-laws. Such restrictions can be a result of distinctive locations, unique circumstances or dated bylaws surrounding the parameters of a certain location. Nevertheless, in most of these cases, the bylaws could be changed to suit the requirements of the project.

A minor variance & Committee of Adjustment is needed when a proposed change to a property doesn’t conform exactly to the zoning bylaw but follows the overall intent. Our team can provide the needed assistance in identifying the set parameters for these planning applications, and the prospect of developing a bigger house through getting reliefs from floor area ratios, coverage, setback, permitted height and more.

To get to know more, call us now to understand the parameters of your address and to know whether you need a Minor Variance Application for your project for free!


In case you didn’t know yet, a Zoning Bylaw Amendment is a kind of application, which enables property and landowners to change the zoning bylaw on their address. For example, you can alter the zoning of your lot from commercial to residential, from a single-family dwelling into a multi-story development or from a farm into a residential subdivision.

Here at KBK Studios Inc., we have a team who are ready to present a free assessment of the likelihood of an approved application and carry you through every stage of the process. Even though lengthy and involves lot of money, this process is very profitable in the long run for land developers, builders, and real estate investors.

SEVERANCE – Consent and Severance Applications

A Consent is a type of application, which helps landowners in dividing their lot/s, conveying a part of their property to another, or changing their lot lines. Therefore, if you have a lot, which has a potential of being divided into several lots to enable the construction of several properties, KBS Studios Inc. can help you through the process of getting approval to a server, engineering services, design development, permits acquisition, construction consultation as well as post-construction assistance.

This consent application needs careful research of past records and current conditions. The consent application is assessed by several authorities and is approved on by a committee who holds a public hearing. Then, the public will have a say on the proposal, while the committee will decide whether to approve it according to the presented facts.


A subdivision application helps real estate developers and builders concert big portions of land to districts, neighborhoods, and subdivisions. Such applications normally take time, oftentimes years, but present significant returns on investment.

KBK Studios Inc. provides this service for both commercial, residential and combination of used development. We also provide service for landowners, which don’t have the liquidity and the experience in these projects and can help in laying out the process for assigning finance and producing interest for investors.