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Design Package Price $

Basic Template Website
choose a template, send us your content, logo and pictures, and you're done!

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Basic Plus Website
choose a layout, send us the text, we'll send you 3 design options with your desired color schemes and animated flash banner

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Custom Website
a whole unique layout custom designed per your requirments, we also provide custome artistic concept design for your website, where we will present a few new concepts with real customized art for you to choose from

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starting from $ 599.99

Interactive Package
an interactive portal design with front and back ends, CMS and a shopping cart

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starting from $ 1,390


› Hosting Plans
Hosting Package Price $

1GB Space, 1 annual maintenance check


$ 2.50 / month *

20 GB Space, 4 annual maintenance checks, 10 services email accounts


$ 7.00 / month *

unlimited Space, 1000 emails,


$ 15.00 / month *

* Discount for extended contracts available, terms and conditions apply


› Email Plans
Email Package Price $

up to 10 serviced email accounts, that's all I need!


$ 2 per month per address

11-100 serviced email accounts


$ 0.5 per month per address

101 to 1,000 serviced email accounts


$ 0.3 per month per address



› Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service where we modify the content of your website to make is easier for people to find you.

the rates depend on content on your website, but it can roughly be estimated to $ 20 per page depending on the number of characters on every page

contact us to receive an estimate on your website

› Site Maintenance

don't want to manage your content, and updating the content in-house? you feel it's not worth hiring a content manager? then let us take care of it for you

Maintenance Package Price $

Annual Check
up-to 4 visits a year, up-to 5 pages content alteration. and relaunching of website, and up to 2 extra new pages and links


$ 40 per annum

change the content of your website (up to 5 pages every visit) every month, and add up to 5 new pages and links


$ 100 per annum

change the content of your website (up to 5 pages every visit) and post on your blog every week, and add up t- 12 pages and links


$ 320 per annum



all prices are subject to tax depending on your location